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13 youths in Pattaya arrested for partying and gathering


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13 youths in Pattaya arrested for partying and gathering

In the borough of Nongprue, 14 partying youths in a luxury resort were arrested last night for violating the Covid19 measures.

A “concerned citizen” reportedly warned police for fear the gathering could lead to a Covid outbreak in the community.

Upon arrival, the police entered the villa with a swimming pool and arrested the 13 teenagers. Police allege that the teens socialized, drank alcohol and played loud music.

Currently, the emergency decree, along with the rules of the Chonburi Committee on Communicable Diseases, states that holding “any kind” of social gatherings with the intention of partying or drinking alcohol is prohibited under current regulations. Violation of these rules will lead to severe penalties, such as fines or possibly jail time.

After their arrest, the 13 suspects were taken to Nongprue Police Station for further trial, including notifying parents of their offspring’s arrest, and were also tested for Covid-19.

According to police, the 13 teens are currently charged with violating the emergency ordinance and the disease control order for the gathering. They say the group will also be punished for drinking alcohol under the legal drinking age.

The youths were released on bail later in the day. The deposit was set at 20,000 baht per person. The police submitted their report to the Chonburi Provincial Court for a later hearing. The names of the young people have not been released because they are minors.

Last month, police arrested 9 people on the island of Koh Samui for drinking alcohol. Also in Bangkok, 23 young people were arrested for parties and gatherings.

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