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151 dead at Halloween party in South Korean capital Seoul


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At least 151 people died on Halloween in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. In addition, nearly 100 people were injured and 350 people are missing. The fatalities are mainly teenagers and people in their twenties. According to the Reuters news agency, they died as a result of oppression.

It was the first time since the corona crisis that the party in Seoul could be celebrated in a ‘normal way’ again. People were not required to wear a mask and there was no advice to keep their distance. The drama was set in the Itaewon neighborhood. That region is known for its popular nightlife. According to local media, the streets were busy and about 100,000 people were on their way to celebrate Halloween. Then things went terribly wrong in a narrow street.

Images of the events in Seoul are emerging on social media. Videos of the tribulation can be experienced as shocking and are therefore not shared here. In addition, there are many images of ambulances driving back and forth to take people to hospitals and healthcare workers who do everything they can to help the victims. In total, at least 1,700 aid workers were deployed.

South Korea’s President Yoon Suk-Yeol said the country will investigate how the tragedy could have started. “The government will investigate the cause of the drama so that a similar accident will not happen again in the future,” he said, announcing a period of national mourning. “A tragedy has occurred in the center of Seoul, a disaster that should never have happened.”

Oh Se-Hoon, the mayor of the South Korean capital, was visiting Europe during the tragedy. He has cut short his journey and is flying back to Seoul as soon as possible.

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