18-year-old Thai girl found dead in plastic container and dumped in abandoned field in Suphanburi

An autopsy revealed the cause of death as suffocation and injury for an 18-year-old Thai girl who was killed and dumped in a plastic container and left in a deserted field near a construction camp in Suphanburi’s main district.

Sumita’s half-naked body was found in the large container just before the weekend. According to her father Prasan, Sumita has been missing since January 30.

Police have taken the body for an autopsy and are investigating. A prime suspect, 19-year-old Thanakorn, was arrested the next day in Kalasin.

He told detectives that both were romantically involved, but that he already had a family. Sumita reportedly urged them to publicize their relationship far and wide, but he disagreed and an argument broke out which eventually led to the crime.

However, the victim’s father does not believe the accused’s accusations and said his daughter had been in a serious relationship with a Laotian man for six months and was planning to get married.

The autopsy results from the Police Hospital’s Institute of Forensic Medicine showed the primary cause of death was an unnatural death due to suffocation or injury.

The officials also searched the rooms of Thanakorn and the victim and found a broken green bottle in an abandoned bathroom next to the stairs of the suspect’s dormitory. According to the police, the bottle was broken as if it had been filled with heavy objects until it broke. A piece of one of Sumita’s bra straps was also found inside.

Thanakorn is detained at Suphanburi Police Station for further questioning.

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