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21-year-old man arrested in Chicago attack


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At least six people were killed and dozens injured in an attack during a parade in Chicago on Monday. After an hours-long manhunt, a 21-year-old man was finally arrested.

The shooting took place in Highland Park, a suburb of Chicago. There was at that time a parade on the occasion of the American holiday Fourth of July (Independence Day). The gunman opened fire on unsuspecting people celebrating from a rooftop.

Footage shows people trying to flee in panic after hearing gunshots.

After a long search, the police finally arrested the suspect Robert E. Crimo III. The 21-year-old man is said to have shared violent messages and images on social media several times. He did that under the name Awake The Rapper. However, whether that was actually his account has not been verified.

The Chicago attack is yet another mass shooting in the US in a short time. There have been more than 300 mass shootings this year alone.

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