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2,300 Pattaya residents have had their first ‘jab’ of the Pfizer Covid19 vaccine


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Pattaya residents received their first dose of a Pfizer Covid19 vaccine earlier this week in a total of 2,300 doses. The day before yesterday (August 16), residents of Banglamung who have a local house registration and met the entry requirements came to report to the Indoor Athletics Stadium in Soi Chaiyapruek.

However, as can be seen from the photos, many ineligible people also came to the stadium after hearing about the vaccination on social media, hoping to get a vaccine. Unfortunately, that kite did not fly, which led to temporary crowds.

There were two groups of residents who were eligible, namely 1,300 people who applied to Banglamung Hospital and 1,300 people who walked in for the vaccine.

However, the “walk-ins” were not open to the general public and were based on specific community members who were invited to attend if they wished and who met the eligibility criteria, as shown below.

According to officials, there was some miscommunication and misunderstanding on some social media, leading some residents to believe the vaccines were for the general public when they were not.

For walk-ins, there were 300 people aged 12-18 with chronic health conditions and obesity, 100 pregnant women, 300 elderly people, 300 people with chronic health conditions and 300 with other eligible health conditions. These people had to present medical documents to prove that they were eligible for a vaccine. Currently, the program targets people who are registered as residents of Pattaya (home registration) over 60 or with seven chronic health conditions.

According to the Chonburi health service, many people came to the sports stadium after hearing about the vaccinations, which led to crowds. Many of them did not qualify.

Also, this was not posted on the English channels in advance, so that your news bear Olleke Bolleke also remained in the dark.

According to Chonburi officials, there should be a comprehensive vaccination program for the general public in the “near future”, but they could not promise an exact date or promise that everyone would be able to choose the vaccine of their choice.

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