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39 resorts on Koh Larn are about to be demolished


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39 resorts on Koh Larn are about to be demolished

The Pattaya Naval Office has previously said it would take action against the operators of 39 resorts that entered the sea from Koh Larn if the court approves.

Ekkarat Khantharo, who is the director of the Pattaya Naval Office, announced today that while the island is a popular tourist destination that provides a large income for Pattaya, many resorts have expanded out to sea.

Since strict enforcement of the marine intrusion law had proved difficult and affected the traditional lifestyles of the local population, the NCPO issued an order in 2017 to investigate those who had traded there before 1994. The order also applies to other comparable areas in the country.

The Marine Department is authorized to decide which structures must be dismantled on the basis of the order. They found 39 private resorts that did not share their grounds with local residents, Ekkarat said.

The department has already notified the owners but is giving them time to appeal. Ekkarat said the Marine Department filed a lawsuit against those resorts 1-2 years ago and the case is now pending in the Supreme Administrative Court.

The Navy Department would immediately comply with the ruling, he added.

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