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4 taxi drivers in Bangkok fined for overcharging and refusing passengers


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4 taxi drivers in Bangkok fined for overcharging and refusing passengers

Tourist police have arrested four taxi drivers in Bangkok after discovering that they refused passengers and overcharged them without using the meter system.

Not only Thai passengers are refused by taxi drivers in Bangkok, but tourists also face the same problem. They too are being scammed and refused by drivers.

Thai Tourist Police Office spokesman Apichart Suriboonya said that in recent days a number of foreign tourists had complained via the 1155 hotline that the taxi drivers had refused at tourist spots, especially during heavy rain.

Apichart said their actions destroyed the good image of the Thai tourism industry. Refusing passengers is considered unprofessional and has consequences for the Thai tourism industry.

Apichart warned taxi drivers to exercise caution in the future, as the Land Transport Department is taking the matter seriously and will start prosecuting drivers with a poor record.

After complaints from foreign passengers, officers have started to prosecute taxi drivers to set an example for the rest.

Apichart announced yesterday that four taxi drivers have been arrested and ticketed.

Under Article 57 of the Vehicle Act, any public transport driver who refuses to serve passengers without a reasonable reason will be fined up to 2,000 baht.

Public transport drivers who charge too expensive fares and do not use the meter system risk a fine of 500 baht under Article 96 of the Land Transport Act.

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