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50 cent sues plastic surgeon for spreading penis enlargement rumors


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50 Cent is suing plastic surgeon Angela Kogan and her companies Perfection Plastic Surgery and MedSpa, alleging that the rapper had undergone penis enlargement treatment, TMZ reports. The plastic surgeon would spread the rumours through a photo of her and the rapper.

50 Cent would have taken a picture with Kogan in 2020 because he thought she was “just” a fan. Since then, however, Kogan has been using the photo for other purposes. For example, she spreads the photo through the social media channels of her companies, where she makes it look like the rapper has had a penis-enlarging treatment in the comments.

After posting the photo, the rumours did not materialize for a long time, until this year. In August, The Shade Room published an article about the growing popularity of Brazilian Butt Lifts (also known as BBL ) and penis enlargements. The piece specifically looked at the treatments at Kogan’s Medspa and listed 50 cents as a regular customer.

50 Cent says Kogan and MedSpa know he was never treated there, either for penile surgery or anything else, and he wants them to stop sharing the photo. He claims that the use of the photo mocked him and damaged both his professional and personal reputation.

The rapper wants a court to intervene to prevent Kogan and MedSpa from falsely saying that he is their customer and still continue to share the photo. In addition, he is demanding compensation, the amount of which is not yet known.

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