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7 Travelling-Related Shows to Watch on Amazon Prime


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We all love to travel during the holidays with our families to spend quality time. Travelling also helps us to bring closer to new cultures.

But, this year COVID has put a block on our plans to travel around the world. So, people are forced to stay at home during difficult times.

But, out of many ways, the best is to stay at home and watch shows on the internet. Amazon prime offers many shows and documentaries for fans around the world especially gambling fans.

One of the notable products of Amazon is Amazon firestick. Firestick allows users to stream many channels on their TV as per their needs. But some shows on Amazon prime have a location-based restriction.

So, to bypass that block, we can use a VPN service. A Firestick VPN hides a user’s IP. Thus, enabling them to stream any content regardless of their location.

the struggles and sacrifices of a travel writer. The TV show has 3 seasons and has 40 episodes.

This TV show is not famous among the general audience. But, if you are a writer and are looking to opt for travel writing as your career, this TV show will help you decide about your future. Further, it will also give you a conclusive view of the life of a travel writer.

⦁ Eat Pray Love (2010)

Eat Pray Love is a romantic/drama movie released in 2010. The movie features Julia Roberts as the lead cast as the movie is focused on her traveling the many parts of the world.

Other actors in the movie are James Franco, Richard Jenkins, and many others.

This movie is based on a book by Elizabeth Gilbert. In the movie, Julia

Roberts had it all that a woman dreams of, a career, house, and husband. But things take a turn, she gets confused, divorced, and decides to change her life.

Julia goes to travel the world to get herself out of the comfort zone. She loves places like Indonesia, India, and Italy.

Eat Pray Love is a classic drama type movie with a broad fanbase. If you love a romantic movie with an unconventional twist, Eat Pray Love is the movie for you to watch during this COVID situation.

⦁ An Idiot Abroad (2010)

An idiot abroad is a travel documentary-based comic season released in

  1. In this show, the stars are Karl Pilkington, Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, and Warwick Davis.

The basic idea of the show is that Karl hates traveling but his friends send him over on a world tour to see the seven wonders of the world.

The season has 3 series with 19 episodes. A travel fan and comedy fan both will love this season.

⦁ The Amazing Race (2001)

The amazing race is a reality-based season released in 2001. The show is presented by Phil Keogh and is on-going for 32 seasons. This show is different than other travel shows available on amazon prime. In this show, two teams race to win many prizes.

The interesting part of the show is the venues of the race. The host of the game conducts the race in different areas. Thus, making it a travel show along with a game show.

The show has a wide range of audiences. An adventure fan, gaming fan, and travel fan, all love this show, and it is the reason for its success.

⦁ About time (2013)

About time is a fantasy movie released in 2013 in the UK. The start cast includes Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams, and many more!

In this movie, a young boy can travel back in time like the other members of the family.

The young boy attempts to change his future while changing his actions of the past. But this attempt does not go as easy as it was perceived, and things get difficult when his new girlfriend enters the situation.

Movie fanbase includes travel fans and Fiction movie fans.

⦁ In Bruges (2008)

In Bruges is probably the best travel movie to date released in 2008. The movie features Colin Farrell and Brendon Gleeson along with many others.

The movie is a crime travel movie, and the character of the film keeps a guidebook to travel around in Burges. The film has won the Golden Globe award and was an opening feature at Sundance Film festival 2008.

With a lot of action, thrill, and travel, the movie has a wide range of audiences.


During this Pandemic, there are a lot of movies and shows to watch on Amazon prime that will help you explore the world.

Some of the available shows and movies are here in the discussion. If you are a documentary fan, Amazon has something for you.

The same goes for typical movie fans who love some action, romance, and drama in the films

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