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70-year-old drunk Englishman kills Thai man in eastern Thailand and injures another


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70-year-old drunk Englishman kills Thai man in eastern Thailand and injures another

A 70-year-old drunk Englishman killed a Thai man and injured another in a car accident in Rayong province in eastern Thailand.

Local residents who know the foreign man told the police that the old man is regularly in the lorum and often drives in the wrong direction.

The Englishman, 70-year-old Stephen Hops, was arrested yesterday after he backed up in his pickup and ran over two Thai men, immediately killing 53-year-old Nirun Pramuan and injuring 32-year-old Chanasak. who is being treated at a nearby hospital.

The Englishman himself was also injured and was hospitalized. He was reportedly trapped in his pickup cab and helped by the rescue team.

The incident happened at 7:00 PM in a parking lot along Suan Son – Ban Phe Beach Road. A witness told media that the Englishman parked his pickup in a parking lot and then suddenly backed up. The victims stood behind the car and were unable to get away in time.

Hops then drove forward and crashed into four motorcycles and cars parked at the scene before flipping his vehicle over.

Officers from the Ban Phe police station announced that the Englishman will be charged as soon as he is declared recovered.

According to 423(2) of the Land Traffic Act: drivers are not allowed to drive the vehicle while intoxicated by spirits or other alcoholic beverages. If someone breaks the law and causes the death of another, he faces a prison term of three to 10 years and a fine of 60,000 to 200,000 baht. The driver’s license will also be revoked.

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