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8 exciting viewing tips to get through the holidays if you don’t like Christmas


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It may be officially Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you have to do all kinds of festive things. After all, not everyone is happy with hours of dining with the (in-law) family. In that case, it’s also perfectly fine to use the holidays to check out quite a few good movies and series that you didn’t get to for the rest of the year. In this list you will therefore find 8 exciting viewing tips from 2022 that have nothing to do with Christmas.

1. AS

What is it? An exciting thriller with a pinch of modern technology
Where can I watch it? On HBO Max
What is it about?
In Kimi , Zoë Kravitz plays an agoraphobic IT worker. It is her job to listen back to recordings from the smart speaker Kimi in order to improve the software. Among all the user voice files, she hears evidence of a crime, but when she tries to report it, she is thwarted. In her quest for justice, she will have to leave her apartment – something she hates – after which she ends up in a dangerous situation.


What is it? A critically acclaimed and beautifully shot action film set in a French banlieue
Where can I watch it? On Netflix
What is it about?
In the French suburb of Athena, a war erupts when Abdel’s little brother is murdered after a racist police brutality. Abdel, a soldier in the French army and his two brothers, a drug dealer and community leader, find themselves at the center of the chaos that ensues when residents rise up against the authorities. All three deal with this in a different way.


What is it? An original Japanese series perfect for fans of Squid Game
Where can I watch it? On Netflix
What is it about?
Alice in Borderland is set in Tokyo. From one moment to the next, all the inhabitants of the city seem to have disappeared and three friends end up in a mysterious game. While playing, they have to discover the literally life-threatening rules of the game to save it until the next day. Like Squid Game , the episodes contain several sadistic games. The second season is on Netflix since December 22.


What is it? A Dutch crime series for everyone who couldn’t get enough of Mocro Maffia
Where can I watch it? On Videoland
What is it about?
Robert de Hoog, also known as ‘Tatta’ from Mocro Maffia , recently released a new crime series for Videoland. In it he plays the corrupt detective Martin, who finds himself between the underworld of Utrecht and the police world. Maryam Hassouni plays his wife, who is also a detective herself, and Adja plays the role of friend Dwight, who tries to lead Martin astray.


What is it? A mysterious and moving drama about a shocking crime Where can I watch it? On Netflix What is it about? Mila Kunis stars in Luckiest Girl Alive as Ani FaNelli, a successful young New York woman who seems to have her life in order. But when the director of a crime documentary asks her to tell her side of the story of the devastating incident that happened at her high school, she’s confronted with a dark truth that could shatter her perfect world. The film received many compliments on how it portrays victim blaming and PTTS after sexual assault.


What is it? A horror film that will make sure you don’t book an Airbnb any time soon
Where can I watch it? On Disney+
What is it about?
The makers of horror titles such as The Grudge and The Ring released Barbarian this year. That film is about Tess, who finds out on arrival that her Airbnb has been double booked. For lack of anything else, she decides to go in at the invitation of the man who is already there and to spend the night there anyway. That turns out to be a big mistake (of course) and she soon makes some gruesome discoveries.


What is it? A blood-curdling Spanish series about an attack on a TBS clinic
Where can I watch it? On Netflix
What is it about?
In La Noche más larga (The longest night) , a TBS clinic is attacked by a group of gunmen who seem to have only one goal: to kidnap the notorious serial killer Simón Lago. To achieve that, they block all communication to and from the clinic. Director Hugo then receives help from an unexpected source.


What is it? A chaotic movie about vampire hunters starring Snoop Dogg Where can I watch it? On Netflix What is it about? Jamie Foxx plays an undercover vampire hunter in the Netflix movie Dayshift . To the outside world he is a simple pool cleaner, but his real source of income is killing vampires to make money off their teeth. Everything to offer his daughter a good life. However, together with Dave Franco and Snoop Dogg, this does not go without a fight.

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