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A Chinese and 4 Thais have been arrested in Pattaya for making a sex film


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A Chinese and 4 Thais have been arrested in Pattaya for making a sex film

Police raided a house in Jomtien the day before last night and arrested a Chinese national, three Thai men and a Thai Kathoi for allegedly making adult entertainment films in the Pattaya area.

A team of PCT police, led by Major General Chaipojjana Suwannarak, carried out the raid at 11:30 p.m.… Armed with a search warrant from the Pattaya Provincial Court for a house in soi 8 of Jomtien Second Road.

The suspects were reportedly arrested during filming. The arrest came after Pattaya police were informed by an anonymous concerned citizen that these residents were making obscene Thai movies in Pattaya, in violation of the country’s very strict blasphemy laws. These movies were

reportedly released in Chinese language via the LINE mobile phone app for both Chinese and Thai citizens.

The Thai suspects told Pattaya police that they were unemployed due to the current Covid-19 measures and restrictions and that their previous jobs in the tourism and hospitality sector had been closed for about three months. The suspects told police they received 1,000 baht a day from the Chinese employer.

None of the suspects was named by Pattaya Police.

The five suspects are charged with violating Thai computer crime law by displaying and/or producing nudity and profanity. They are also accused of violating Covid19 related rules under Thailand’s emergency ordinances and failing to put in place adequate security procedures.

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