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Saturday, September 23, 2023

A digital health pass for Covid19 safety has also been launched in Thailand


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The Ministry of Health has launched a digital health pass through the Mor Prom app, which is likely to become a part of everyday life in Thailand. All residents of Thailand are encouraged to download it right away, although there have already been some issues.

Meanwhile, the Thai government hopes to create Covid-free zones across Thailand by October 1.

The digital health pass contains a person’s vaccination certificate, details of their most recent Covid19 test and their antibody measurements. With this important information, businesses and services can then quickly and easily verify the cardholder’s Covid-19 safety status.

Airlines such as Air Asia X, Bangkok Airways, Lion Air, Nok Air, Thai AirAsia, Thai Smile and Thai Viet Jet have been using it since September 8. Soon, restaurants, salons, gyms, spas etc will be using these to screen their customers.

The digital health pass is for anyone who has been tested or fully vaccinated at an official location. The Mor Prom app currently only accepts 13 digit Thai IDs, so ex-pats CANNOT register yet, although they are fully vaccinated, they STILL cannot use digital health passes. Those who have problems accessing their pass are advised to contact the testing or vaccination site.

With 12.3 million people fully vaccinated and 15 million more on their way to full vaccination with at least one vaccine, the Health Ministry’s plan is to reopen things safely and get life back to normal. the digital health pass to create safe zones, even in the dark red provinces.

Companies will create the Covid-free bubble by having all their staff fully vaccinated or recently recovered from a Covid-19, and taking Covid-19 antigen test kits weekly. Customers will need to use their digital health cards to verify they meet the same requirements.

However, the Thai restaurant and street food association has objected to the plan, pointing out that not nearly enough of the population has been vaccinated, nor is there enough time before the proposed October 1 start date to start vaccinating people. Even restaurant workers have a vaccination rate of about 70%.

Still, the government is pushing ahead with the digital health pass plan, mimicking countries like the Netherlands, France and Italy that have similar passes to verify people’s Covid19 health status and protect sites from outbreaks.

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