A first in football: no red or yellow, but a white card

We all know a red or a yellow card, but referee Caterina Campos was allowed to introduce a new phenomenon in Portugal; a white card. Yesterday, during the cup match between the women of Benfica and Sporting, the referee had the honor of drawing a white card for the first time in football history.

The white card was not a mistake or a stray notebook but was deliberately introduced by the football association. “The white card is a new initiative of Portuguese football to come up with clubs, players or staff members and to give recognition for fair play”, the AD further explains. With the white card, the football association hopes to “improve ethical values ​​in sport”.

The reason for the scoop of the white card was less fun. Just before the break, something unpleasant happened just outside the lines. In one of the dugouts, someone felt unwell. The medical teams of both teams immediately came to the rescue. Fortunately, the incident turned out not to be too bad and the fan was quickly repaired.

While the spectators and players could indulge themselves with the good outcome, referee Campos pulled the very first white card from her breast pocket. At that time, the card was used to thank the doctors for their help and efforts. The spectators received the first white card with loud applause.

The match between Benfica and Sporting also broke a record. More than 15,000 fans watched the game. A record when it comes to the amount of spectators at a women’s match in Portugal.

Benfica eventually won the cup match 5-0 and qualified for the semi-finals of the Taça de Portugal Feminina. Last season, Sporting took off with the cup.

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