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A Foreigner had sex with a Thai Girl for Half an Hour in the Middle of the Street in Pattaya


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A Foreigner had sex with a Thai Girl for Half an Hour in the Middle of the Street in Pattaya

A foreign man had public intercourse with a Thai woman on a busy street in Pattaya, having sex for almost half an hour

Early this morning, random passersby witnessed a sex act between a young man and a woman near a busy intersection on Third Street in resort Pattaya. According to witnesses, the man was a foreigner who had been fooling around with his partner in the middle of the street “for 30 minutes.”

Locals urged police to track down a blond man wearing a red T-shirt and shorts, who looked about 30 years old and 180-190 centimeters tall. Ignoring the passers-by, the foreigner had sex with a short woman, presumably 150-160 centimeters tall, wearing a black hoodie and shorts.

According to witnesses, the indecent public act lasted for 30 minutes. People with children passed by and they had to force the children to look the other way.

The couple was so engrossed in the process that they did not react in any way to the explicit video recording of their indecent actions. Even when cameras were pointed at them by passersby, the couple did not stop until the act was over. After which, as if nothing had happened, the man and woman went their separate ways in completely different directions.

Police have not yet reported an arrest for any of the participants in the indecent incident, who face fines of up to 500 baht if found to have violated Section 388 of the Penal Code on public indecency.

“Any person who commits an indecent act in a public place by taking off their clothes, displaying their naked body or committing any other act of indecency is liable to a fine not exceeding five hundred baht.”

Pattaya police are trying to track down the suspects through CCTV footage located nearby. The nationality of the foreigner is unknown, but even if he is arrested, Royal Thai Police officers are forbidden to report the nationality of foreign criminals to the media, following the scandalous “Touhao” story.

The public display of sexual intercourse between a foreigner and a Thai woman is far from the first act of obscenity Pattaya has ever seen. In August, a European man purposely strolled down a busy street in Pattaya completely naked, wearing only sandals, with a backpack and a camera on his shoulder. Police officers forced him into the back of a pickup truck and took him to the Pattaya police station for questioning.

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