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According to a survey by NIDA in Thailand, Most Thais are against legalizing gambling and casinos


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Thai research firm NIDA Poll conducted a nationwide survey titled “Legal Casinos” from Dec. 6-8. In the survey, 1,318 respondents aged 18 years and older and from different backgrounds were asked four questions.  

Here are their answers: I
Have you visited a casino?

  • 70%: Never
  • 40%: Yes, but outside Thailand
  • 91%: Been to casinos both in Thailand and abroad
  • 91%: Visited casinos in Thailand
  • 08%: Uncertain

Should casinos be legalized in Thailand?

  • 51%: No, because it creates addicts, causes family conflict, debt problems and crime. Gambling goes against Buddhist precepts.
  • 25%: Yes, because the government can collect taxes to develop the country and Thais don’t have to travel abroad to gamble. Illegal gambling will be difficult to eradicate despite the presence of legal casinos.
  • 13%: Yes, because it will stimulate the economy and make more money.
  • 32%: Not quite, because gambling is wrong and can lead to more debt and crime problems.
  • 79%: don’t know/don’t want to answer/don’t care.

What about electronic gambling kiosks and online gambling

  • 51%: No
  • 37%: Yes
  • 28%: Only electronic gambling kiosks should be legalized.
  • 05%: Online gambling should be legalized.
  • 79%: don’t know/don’t want to answer/don’t care.

What about card games between families and friends

  • 72%: No
  • 54%: Yes, but with rules such as controlled number of players, betting limits, location, etc.
  • 87%: Yes
  • 3.87%: don’t know/don’t want to answer/don’t care.

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