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Actress (10) who voiced ‘SQUID GAME’ Killer Pop: “Haven’t Seen an Episode Yet”


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Actress (10) who voiced ‘SQUID GAME’ Killer Pop: “Haven’t Seen an Episode Yet”

If you’ve seen Squid Game, you probably haven’t missed the giant killer doll from the first episode, Youngshee. Voice actress Reagan To (10), who voiced the doll, recently said in an interview that she has never seen an episode (and maybe that’s a good thing).

In the first episode, the children’s game Red Light, Green Light is played. In doing so, the contestants must sneak forward while Youngshee looks away. Once she turns around, the contestants must standstill or else they will be shot without mercy.

Reagan landed her role as a voice actress in Squid Game after previously working on the series Sijipeuseu: The Myth. “That was my first job as a voice actress. A few weeks later, someone from Netflix called to say they wanted me again for ‘Squid Game’.”

Reagan’s parents only discovered later by accident that their daughter’s voice could be heard in Squid Game. “My dad suggested my mom watch Squid Game because it was the most popular series at the time,” Reagan told 7News Australia. “They had no idea my voice was in it. When the scene finally came, they thought, wait a minute, this is Reagan’s voice!”

While Squid Game is a rather violent series, Reagan didn’t see any of it while recording her voice. Even after the series came out, she has not seen an episode, Reagan says. “My mom showed me a little bit, but then stopped it just for the violent part.”

South Korean horror series ‘Hellbound’ succeeds ‘Squid Game’ as most popular series

Reagan’s voice was also used for the English-language dubbing of the series. It is not entirely clear who recorded the original South Korean voice. Vulture spoke to the doll earlier this year, who called herself “Chantal” in the interview. “I wanted from an early age to be an actress. A robot pop three meters long was very difficult for me, especially in elementary school. Kids can be really cruel. I applied just not there, sometimes literally!”, Says the doll.

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