After registration, the Moderna vaccine is available for you in Thai private hospitals for a fee of 3000 baht

The head of the Thai Private Hospitals Association said the Moderna vaccine against Covid19 virus will be available in private hospitals soon.

The Thai newspaper “Sanook News” even went a step further by writing that there would be more choice in the covic19 vaccines in Thailand, but did not say when.

Furthermore, the head of the PHA stated that people should register online for the shot, something that many ex-pats are confused about or have had problems with, Thaivisa in turn notes.

The head explained that private hospitals can offer the Moderna vaccine through an arrangement with the government pharmaceutical organization, which will get it from importers who will register with the Thai Food and Drug Administration.

The bottom line is that the shot will cost € 30.- (about 1,150) baht. He said his members had agreed not to charge more than 2,000 baht per shot. After all, people need two.

Each hospital will consider its own costs for giving the injection and reimbursement for insurance in case of side effects that need to be charged on the first dose.

Still, he expected PHA-affiliated hospitals to charge a total of 3,000 baht to administer the full two-dose set.

However, people who want the Moderna jab still need to register on “Mor Prom” as data needs to be collected.

He advised that for many people, the state’s vaccination route could be better, as it would be faster (and free for Thais, of course).

Sanook gave no indication of the timetable for Moderna, but added that the Sinopharm Buccaneers from China would also be an option in the short term.

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