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Airbnb landlord in shock after returning home: “Drugs, condoms, feces”


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It’s probably every host’s nightmare on Airbnb: you come back to your house and see that it’s a big mess. It happened to Anouk, who took her followers on TikTok last month in the havoc she found. The video is going viral again this week and that’s not surprising. She had to forcefully evict the tenant from the house, while she encountered drugs, condoms and feces in the house.


In general, people think that you can earn a lot of money easily by renting out your home. Anouk wants to show with her video that this is not self-evident. “This is the other side of Airbnb hosting,” she begins her video. She must warn viewers of what they are about to see. “I’m about to put up a file. It doesn’t look good…”

There are even blood stains on the roller blind and on the wall.



Before Anouk shows what the damage is, she says that the tenant did not want to leave the house on his own. “We had to force him out.” In addition, there were also people who had not registered in advance. “Dealers even came to the door.”


On the bright side: nu kunnen we met allemaal nieuwe/vernieuwde spullen in 2023 weer lekker opnieuw gaan hosten! 💪🏼 Alles komt altijd goed 💖 #airbnbhosting #airbnb #airbnbcheck #badairbnbguests #keepingitreal #reallife #realtalk #dutchtiktok #dutchtok

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Anouk lacks words to describe what she finds in her house. “My beautiful home… Everything has been demolished. There is blood everywhere. There are feces, drugs, condoms.” The big question is what happened in the house. “There are even blood stains on the roller blind and on the wall.” In addition, there is a laughing gas tank in the middle of the room and her sofa, mattress, sheets and bedding have been demolished.


It is admirable that Anouk, despite the repulsive behavior of the tenant, wants to highlight the situation from the positive side. “On the bright side: we can start hosting again in 2023 with all new stuff. Everything always works out,” she writes with the video on TikTok.

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