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Airline officer blows up on passenger for overweight baggage @DMK


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This incident was shared by the page “Red Skull” on Facebook, Red Skull is a popular Thai Facebook page that shares news and interesting topics in society. This case took place at the Don Muang Airport (DMK)  in Bangkok. The post stated in the caption “Normally an airline will allow about 7 kilos for your carry-on luggage, at most they would probably be ok with 8 kilos. But the airline in this story allows only 5 kilos of carry-on weight. The passenger didn’t know that the specific airline allowed less carry-on weight than other airlines.”

“When the passenger went to weigh the luggage, the airline officer working at the baggage check became mad and started calling out the passenger with rude behavior including shouting swear words at the passenger. She blew up and went crazy in Thai, the passenger couldn’t understand what she was saying. The officer should have informed the passenger nicely to what the issue was so that the passenger could remove some items from the luggage. I’m not surprised that the passenger wasn’t aware of the 5-kilo rule as most airlines allow 7 kilos. The airline officer overreacted big time, she probably forgot that there are other Thai passengers that could hear exactly what she was saying at the airport.


In this clip that was shared by Sanook, you could see that an airline officer wearing a blue shirt walked into deal with the passenger who owned the overweight carry-on bag wearing a bad attitude from the beginning. She then started shouting and swearing at the passenger, while the passenger was trying to communicate in a different foreign language, a sign of clearly not understanding what the female officer was trying to say.

Most of the comments expressed how the airline officer was extremely rude and unprofessional to the foreign passenger. Her job is to provide service and that she should never shout or swear to the passenger no matter what the issue is when she is on duty at the airport in the name of the airline. Other comments stated that maybe something else took place before the video was taken.

After the post went viral, an officer from the same airline came and commented on the post stating “The baggage was overweight by 13 kilos. We accept that the way we responded wasn’t right, but the passenger in the video even tried to punch his own tour guide.” A former airline officer commented that in cases like this the right thing to do is call an airport security officer. Lashing out at the passenger in a manner that took place in the incident is not the right action to take.

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