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Alcohol banned ahead of advance voting


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Sales and the distribution of alcoholic drinks will be banned from 6pm on Saturday for 24 hours, ahead of advance general election voting on Sunday, according to the Royal Thai Police.

Violations of the ban are punishable by imprisonment of up to six months or a fine up to Bt10,000.

The restriction is imposed to prevent electoral fraud such as vote buying or bribery. It is believed that canvassers usually try to bribe voters in different ways, including throwing parties the night before the poll, to attract votes.

Deputy spokesman of the Royal Thai Police Kritsana Pattanacharoen on Friday warned all sectors to be careful not to violate the electoral laws. Any wrongdoings can be report around the clock at the hotlines 191, 1599 or 1422 press 2.

Kritsana also said police has been prepared for the advance voting this Sunday as well as election day next week.

Police will take care of security at the polling stations as well as the  management of road traffic to facilitate voters exercising their rights, he said.

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