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All of Cuba is without power due to Hurricane Ian, Florida fears major damage


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Almost everyone in Cuba has been without power since last night. This is due to the severe Hurricane Ian, which, in addition to flooding streets and destroying buildings, also caused a disrupted electricity grid. Now the hurricane is on its way to Florida, where residents are preparing for extremely high winds and flooding.

Hurricane Ian has left a lot of damage in Cuba. There are floods, damaged houses, torn roofs and fallen trees. “It was apocalyptic, a real disaster,” a tobacco plantation owner wrote on Facebook. As with him, many valuable farms and crops have been destroyed on the island.


It is difficult for rescuers to reach people in need of help because many roads are impassable. As a precaution, nearly 50,000 Cubans had already been evacuated earlier this week. As far as is known, one person was killed, a 43-year-old woman.

Florida is currently bracing for Hurricane Ian, which has wind speeds of 200 kilometres per hour and is only going to get stronger. There is mainly fear of flooding because a lot of rain and high waves are expected. Images of the severe weather are already circulating on Twitter, while the hurricane is not expected to make landfall until tonight.

A state of emergency has been declared throughout Florida and some 2.5 million Americans have been advised to evacuate. In many parts of the state, it has been nearly 100 years since the weather was this extreme.

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