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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

All remaining Thai citizens have now been evacuated from Afghanistan


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When the Taliban took control of Afghanistan nearly a week ago on Monday, thousands of foreigners rushed to the airport in hopes of getting help fleeing the then possible country. Thailand’s Foreign Ministry spokesman has since confirmed that all Thai nationals have left Afghanistan.

The ministry also said it does not know exactly whether missing Thai people are in the troubled country and asks any Thai national who is still in Afghanistan or who knows a Thai person in Afghanistan to immediately contact the Royal Thai Embassy in Islamabad. in neighbouring Pakistan or with the Consular Affairs Department in Thailand. The phone number for the Embassy of Islamabad is (+92)-315-900-9949 and the Consular Affairs Department for those in Thailand can be reached at (+66)-02-572-8442.

The Thai embassy in Pakistan worked with embassies in Kuwait and Doha, the capital of Qatar, to coordinate the search for the 4 Thai nationals and assist them in the evacuation of Afghanistan. The last of the 4 were evacuated on Friday and all are safe in Qatar and Kuwait.

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