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An irritated Thai man takes revenge in Eastern Thailand and shoots four to the afterlife


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An irritated Thai man went on a gruesome rampage in the city of Chantaburi in eastern Thailand yesterday. Even for a country accustomed to violent, revenge-related crimes, this horror story, which occurred yesterday, was very exceptional for Thailand.

At the end of his killing spree, four people—two women and two men—were ready to be taken to the temple.

The killer, dubbed Khun Prasit, showed no remorse at all, allegedly saying that they all got what they deserved, Thailand’s 77kaoded reported.

The gunman’s first stop was at the bustling Tamoon Market on Sa Kaeo Road, where he shot his former 49-year-old wife Wanphen in the head. There were many many local people, who were deeply shocked to witness this horrific scene up close.

Moments later, he shot Wanphen’s 25-year-old daughter, Khun Oraya, in a Toyota Fortuner owned by his ex-wife, got into the car and drove off with Khun Oraya dead beside him.

The next stop was at a site next to the temple of Wat Tham Sarika where he shot 44-year-old Khun Theerachat from the world. Theerachat had borrowed 40,000 baht from Prasit and had not repaid him.

Prasit got back into the Toyota Fortuner and drove to Ban Khao Phlu Thong, where the 48-year-old killed Bunruam, Bunruam is said to have sold Prasit a defective weapon

Finally, he went to a bar in the Nong Makha sub-district where he got drunk on liquor. Soon the Soi Dao district police had arrived at the bar but did not dare to enter, as he was armed. Finally, his daughter persuaded him to surrender.

The Chief Commander of Chanthaburi Province Major General Naradech Klomthuksing is in charge of this nasty killing spree

A 1.38-minute video posted to YouTube showed the crime unfold and finally, the suspect showed the suspect sitting on a couch while officers watched.

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