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Angry Thai drunk drives pick-up truck into restaurant in Chonburi


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A jealous husband went into a haze of rage because his wife didn’t come home, so he decided to take the car and all the grill restaurant Kung Yang, the grilled shrimp were on the hood.

Arunsri Thongkaew, 43, was taken into custody immediately after the incident on Sukhumvit Road in Saen Suk district.

The 34-year-old stunned restaurant owner Namkang Manee said Arunsri’s pickup truck came to a stop in the restaurant after first hitting a Mazda BT50. Arunsri stumbled out of the cab of his pickup truck, after which someone picked him up in another car and drove off.

Police said Arunsri was so upset that his wife, who works at the restaurant, had gone on what she described as a one-day trip with the owner, but she did not return home that evening as promised.

Arunsri felt a fit of jealousy, drank himself to the bone, jumped into his pickup and uttered frustration at the restaurant. Police have ordered the driver to undergo an alcohol test and will continue to question him for prosecution.

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