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Another 500,000 Sinovac vaccines arrived in Thailand yesterday


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Another 500,000 Sinovac vaccines arrived in Thailand yesterday

The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China declared on social media yesterday, May 14, 2021, that the last delivery of 500,000 Sinovac vaccines from China had arrived in Bangkok.

This comes as Thailand has significantly accelerated its efforts to vaccinate in the Kingdom, particularly Bangkok, as a current outbreak of infections in the country causes further damage to the economy and could see plans to reopen for much-needed foreign tourism later this year can slow down.

This Sinovac comes just a few weeks before doses of locally sourced Astrazeneca will be available in the kingdom, with manufacturers declaring to the press earlier this month that there had been no setbacks or delays in production.

The doses will undergo standard quality control by the Ministry of Health before being distributed to provinces and territories, as assessed by the Department of Disease Control, to help manage the current Covid-19 outbreak in Thailand.

Pattaya is expected to receive at least 20,000 doses of this current supply, your news bear tells you.

However, the vast majority of doses are expected to be distributed in communities in and around the Bangkok area that are currently experiencing localized infections and make up the majority of outbreaks in the country.

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