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Are Thai women really the most beautiful in the world?


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Are Thai women really the most beautiful in the world?

The Thai Daily News reported on an event where many people – mainly men – were waiting. The bikini section of this year’s Miss Thailand beauty pageant. The event was held live at Central World and broadcast on True 24.

Famous presenters Arm and Praew – themselves a former Miss Universe contestant – chatted the show together.

The beauties were all walking around in cute pink bathing suits. Despite claiming to have some of the most beautiful women in the world, Thailand has remained successful on the international stage in recent years.

There has never been a Miss World of Thailand since the contest began in 1951. There have been two Miss Universes of Thailand – Apasra Honksakula in 1965 and Porntip ​“Bui” Nakhirunkanok in 1988.

Apasra’s name became synonymous with beauty and later married – and divorced – the owner of the Central Winkel Group.

Bui, whose name is more pronounced Pui, means “sleep like a baby”. But… it also means fertilizer.

She later married Herbert Simon, the owner of the Indian Pacers basketball team, lived in the United States and became a Goodwill Ambassador for children’s rights.

But since 1988, her success in neither of the two major beauty pageants has been repeated.

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