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Arizona Teacher Who Slept With 13-Year-Old Faces 30 Years In Prison


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Arizona Teacher Who Slept With 13-Year-Old Faces 30 Years In Prison

A 28-year-old teacher from Arizona broke down in tears after admitting she had sex with a 13-year-old student in a school classroom.

The sixth grade teacher, Brittany Zamora, was arrested in March last year when the student’s parents found a number of illicit text messages she had sent the teenager. She now faces up to 30 years in prison.

At the time, she was charged with the felonies of sexual conduct with a minor, molestation, furnishing sexually explicit material and indecency.

Zamora reportedly used the school’s educational social media app to communicate with the boy, before apparently organising a number of meetings where they used another student to act as a lookout.

Court documents say the teacher and student touched either while the rest of the class watched a video, and on another occasion Zamora apparently drove to the teen’s grandparents house so they could have sex in her car.

The pair would allegedly swap intimate pictures, and write notes to each other.

The teacher started working at the school, Las Brisas Academy, a year before the allegations emerged. It is reported the teacher had sex with the pupil at least four times between February 1 and March 8, 2018.

The boy’s parents are said to be suing Liberty Elementary School District, saying school authorities did not do enough to protect their son.

They are seeking $1.9 million in damages, according to The Sun. Police records say the father told detectives: ‘His childhood is already gone. He’s 13.’

Zamora, who is married, reportedly worried what would happened to her if she went to jail, saying: ‘I’m little. They’re gonna tear me apart.’ While her husband remained supportive by her side, telling officers: ‘Brittany is an adult. She’s the best, the best person I’ve ever known.’

Zamora has entered a plea deal with prosecutors, admitting to sexual conduct with a minor, attempted molestation of a minor and public sexual indecency. The teacher is set to be sentenced on July 12 this year.

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