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Arrested drug seller becomes emotional after police sing “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” and start crying


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A drug seller cried after police surprised him with a slice of cake with a lit candle on it. To make matters worse, the police also started singing happy birthday.

The arrested drug seller reveals that no one has ever done this for him. The man was arrested on his birthday and after the police saw his identity card, they decided to surprise him with a little gift.

A video was shared from Nakhon Si Thammarat province showing police officers surprising a man with a candle on his birthday.

Tanongkorn, known as Tong, 33 years old from the province, was arrested on his birthday. He never expected the police to realize it was his birthday and sing a happy birthday song for him. Tong has been arrested for drug possession and was in the police station when the police surprised him.

When officers walked out with the cake, the suspect started to cry because he was really surprised. The suspect told officers that no one had previously bought him cake or sang a happy birthday to him.

This is the first time Tong’s birthday has been celebrated in his 33 years of life, and it was also the first time anyone gave him a piece of cake with a candle on it. The police had a thorough conversation with the suspect about drugs and everything that would have to do with illegal drugs.

After the conversation, Tong promises to stop all connections with drugs after he gets out of prison. He thanked the officers for their care and will remember this joyful moment forever. Tong was arrested in the street after police went to inspect the area. Tong started acting suspicious so the police asked to search him, they found 10 Yaba pills on him so he was arrested on the spot.

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