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At least 10 dead and 55 injured in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza


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Israel attacked the Gaza Strip with warplanes last Friday. At least 10 people were killed. At least 55 people were also injured in the series of rocket attacks. Al Jazeera reports that.

The Israeli attacks appear to have targeted Islamic Jihad commander Tayseer Al-Jabari. He was killed in the rocket attacks. The attacks follow days of tension between Israel and Islamic Jihad over the arrest of senior Palestinian leader Bassam al-Saadi. He was arrested in the city of Jenin in the West Bank.

In a statement on the airstrikes, Islamic Jihad said: ” The enemy has started a war against our people, and we all have a duty to defend ourselves and our people, and not allow the enemy to get away with this. actions aimed at undermining resistance and national fortitude.”

Officer Ghazi Hamad told Al Jazeera there is “no justification” for the Israeli attacks, adding that Islamic Jihad has the right to defend itself and “protect” their people . “I think Israel is not interested in mediation. There is no room for peaceful talks.”

The rocket attacks caused great panic among the local population. Smoke was pouring out of the seventh floor of the building hit in Gaza. Emergency services personnel rushed to the site to evacuate people and extinguish a fire caused by the attack.

The Ministry of Health reports that a 5-year-old girl has died. She and her father were killed by a rocket attack while they were riding a motorcycle to do their shopping. “Her mother Rasha is in great shock. She lost her daughter and her husband in an instant, leaving behind three children. We are all shocked. What is the fault of an innocent five-year-old girl for being murdered in this way?” , family member Mohammad Abu Jabal told Al Jazeera.

Another resident was having lunch on Friday afternoon while his children were playing. “Suddenly the tower we live in was hit by a huge explosion. We then ran away hard, because the noise was huge. We were very shocked because it is full of people here. I saw many victims who were evacuated,” he said. while his clothes were covered in blood.

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