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At least 18 dead in Mexico City Hall shooting


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At least 18 dead in Mexico City Hall shooting

At least 18 people were killed in Mexico on Wednesday afternoon. This happened in a shooting at the town hall in the Mexican town of San Miguel Totolapan. One of the victims of the shooting is the mayor.

Several gunmen stormed city hall around 2 p.m. (local time) and opened fire. Police officers and civil servants as well as mayor Conrado Mendoza Almeda were killed. Just before the attack on the city hall, the father of Mayor Mendoza Almeda is said to have been killed in his home.

Images on social media show the heavily shelled town hall, in which several bodies lie. Mayor Mendoza Almeda’s party reacts to these images and speaks of a “cowardly murder” .

According to the BBC, the criminal gang Los Tequileros is responsible for the massacre. This gang is linked to a major drug cartel in the country. Members of the gang blocked the main access roads to the city during the attack to prevent the police from intervening. The perpetrators are still on the run.

Shortly before the attack on the city hall, Los Tequileros posted a video on social media in which they indicated that they would return to the state of Guerrero, which also includes San Miguel Totoplan. Guerrero is considered one of the most dangerous areas in Mexico because of rival drug cartels, where tens of thousands of people are killed by violence every year.

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