Bali sends people home without a mask straight away

Authorities on the Indonesian island of Bali send tourists home without masks. On Monday, three vacationers from the United States, Russia and Ireland were put on a plane for not wearing mandatory mouth and nose protection in public. It was the first time that happened.

There is ‘zero tolerance’ in Bali, the authorities emphasize. The tourists violated a basic rule by not wearing a mask during this period of emergency. A Russian woman who refused to go into quarantine after testing positive will also be deported once she is no longer contagious.

Indonesia is struggling with a flare-up of the corona pandemic due to the more contagious Delta variant of the virus. The number of infections per day quadrupled in less than a month.

Earlier, a group of tourists in the popular Tapovan region of India was given ‘punishment’ by the authorities. They had to write ‘I did not follow the corona rules and I am sorry’ five hundred times.

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