Bar owner in Pattaya knocked out a Russian for 60 baht

A Russian tourist was punched in the face by a barmaid in a Pattaya resort and lost consciousness

Jane, the 53-year-old owner of the Bonsai bar in South Pattaya admitted punching a Russian tourist in the face after he refused to pay the 60-baht bill. When police and medics arrived on the scene, the Russian was lying unconscious on the ground with a bloody face.

Jane told police that the Russian introduced himself as Mikhail, ordered a beer and had been unsuccessfully soliciting all the ladies at the bar all night. After receiving refusals from the girls, he allegedly became angry and refused to pay the bill.

He then tried to leave the bar without paying. A conflict ensued and she started punching the ungrateful customer in the face and beat him until he lost consciousness.

The bar owner and the Russian tourist were called to the Pattaya police station to settle the dispute. Police warned Jane that she should take a more peaceful approach or call the police immediately when dealing with upset foreign tourists, as such actions of hers could ruin Pattaya’s tourist image.

Authorities said they would charge the intemperate barmaid, but did not disclose which charge. Mikhail, who was injured, refused to talk to the press, and is not known to have any major injuries.

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