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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

BBC: Andrew Tate confesses to assault, exploitation and sexual assault in voice memos


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According to the BBC, Andrew Tate would confess to sexual violence, exploitation and assault in written voice memos. They were allowed to see a summary of various pieces of evidence from the case against Tate and his brother. The case takes place in Romania, where the charges allegedly took place.

The summary of the evidence consists of hundreds of pages translated from English to Romanian and back to English by the BBC. The news medium hereby acknowledges that they are still determining whether the texts have been translated correctly and whether they really come from Tate and his brother.

In addition, a spokesman said there is “substantial evidence pointing to their innocence” without giving further details or commenting specifically on the allegations.

Tate is on trial with his brother and two others for human trafficking and forming a criminal organization. He is also suspected of rape and assault. Both men deny all allegations.

Part of the summary consists of voice messages written in text. In one of those voice messages, Andrew Tate’s brother, Tristan, says, “I’m going to make these bitches slaves (…) I’m going to make them work more and more. Hours and hours and hours.. I’m going to make them work like slaves. SLAVE work. At least 10 or 12 hours a day.”

According to the charges against them, the brothers deceived unwitting women by seducing them. After this, they took them to the outskirts of Bucharest. There, they would have become victims of sexual exploitation. Under threat of physical violence, they had to create pornographic content. Things like “break your teeth” or “end up as a corpse” were in the summary among threats the women received.

In what appears to be a text message from Andrew himself, he is said to be the leader of an “18+ content company”. Prosecutors say he’s talking about the human trafficking organization he’s on trial for.

In addition to messages from the Tate brothers, several testimonials are in the summary. These come from women who lived near Tate’s house. The testimonials say that the brothers managed all their income from pornographic content.

On the other hand, some women say they voluntarily worked for the Tate brothers and did not have to share their income with anyone. The brothers and women involved say that all accusations are due to jealousy. They also accuse the BBC of selectively reporting news and not looking at the matter objectively.



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