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The Benefits Of Using Rosehip Oil


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What is Rosehip oil and how can one use it? we will provide you a brief explanation about the key benefits of using Rosehip oil.

The Benefits Of Using Rosehip Oil

1. Properties: Rosehip oil is also known as rosehip seed oil. It is extracted from the seeds of a rose plant called Rosa moschata which is located in Chile, South America. An extraction process separates the oil from the hips and seeds. The oils are then stored in a cool and dark location. It’s used by the ancient Eygptians, Mayans, and Native Americans for it’s healing properties. Also, it was used during wartime to prevent infections.

2. Benefits: It’s extremely beneficial for the skin and hair. It is full of nutrients like polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, C, and B-carotene. When the oil is absorbed through the skin, the fatty acids end up converting to prostaglandins which are involved with tissue regeneration. Therefore, it provides anti-aging benefits. Goodbye wrinkles, fine lines, redness, and tired complexion. It works miracles to restore radiance to your skin and hair.

-Anti-aging treatment: Thanks to the richness in vitamin C and A, rosehip oil helps stimulate collagen production and slows the aging process.

-Protection from age spots:The antioxidants in the oil help fight off brown spots due to sun damage and the vitamin A helps improve skin tone.

-Heals scars: Rosehip oil helps repair damaged tissues and promotes skin regeneration. While it is beneficial on acne scards, it is not recommended for acne breakouts.

-Boosts immune system: Given the high source of vitamin C, the oil helps treat infections and boosts body’s immune system

-Heals stretch marks: After pregnancy, diet or weight gain, the skin loses its elasticity and stretch marks appear. Massage rosehip oil into your stretch marks and it will help repair the damaged skin.

-Great for hair: Since the oil contains fatty acids, it can help keep your hair feeling soft and shiny. Also, it helps repair the damaged hair follicles and scalp tissues which in turn promote healthy hair growth.

3. Cost: Rosehip oil costs around £8.90 per 50 ml. Even though the price may be high the quality of the oil is worth it. Make sure you buy the certified organic product and not a counterfeit.

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