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PE insulation

Insulation Double Best PE (Best Polyethalyne) AcPcA

High performance PE insulation utilizes state-of-the-art technology by combining heat-reflective plates with Cross-Linked Polyethalyne insulation to provide protection, reflective radiation, heat transfer protection. And fresh radiant heat. Higher performance and longer service life than conventional PE sheets.

Best PE: There are 2 types.

  1. BEST PE Standard Insulation High performance Low heat 0.029 w / mk with Dry Laminate coating with Pastic Film, the surface is resistant to scratches, resistant to weather and humidity.
  2. BEST X-PE Aluminum Foil High Efficiency Insulation Material Use Polyethalyne Foam Closed with Foil Stretched Top and Bottom Foil Top, Functional Heat reflector foil below, preventing radiation to pass through the air layer below.

Features : Heat conduction resistance And reduce heat radiation.

Applications : Roof Structures With air gap (Air Gap)

Installation : Can be installed over the pavement and south wall or sandwich wall. It can be used both light wall and masonry wall.

Standard : BS476 (Fire Test on Building Material & Structure)


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