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Blind lottery seller falls into an open sewer in Pattaya!


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A blind lottery ticket seller walked into an open sewage pit on Naklua Road the day before yesterday while trying to sell lottery tickets.

62-year-old Khun Prasit Klinhom, who sustained very minor injuries in this perilous incident, told a local reporter: “I sold lottery tickets along the Naklua road. I use a long blind guide stick to navigate my way around, but I fell into a water drain hole that was missing the lid. I had walked this route before with no problems, the problem was that the drain cover had been removed and not marked with any barriers. “

Khun Chunrang Yab, a Cambodian citizen who was a witness, told the reporter that she had shouted at the blind man to watch out,

but he did not hear her. She called for help to save him from the drain. Many local residents decided to help by buying lottery tickets from Khun Prasit after his fall, which brought a smile to his face.

Pattaya law enforcement officials who helped get Prasit out of the drain said that they will get to the bottom of why the cover was removed and the well was not properly marked with barriers or signs.

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