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Booster shots are needed for high immunity with an interval of six months


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According to the well-known Thai virologist Yong, an interval of six months between the first vaccination is needed to get a booster vaccination that achieves a high immunity against the Covid19 virus.

Being “fully vaccinated” would mean requiring both “prime” and “booster” vaccinations, with at least a six-month period before the booster shot, expert virologist Dr Yong Poovorawan wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

The message stated that Covid-19 vaccinations are comparable to those for other diseases. To complete the vaccination process, the recipient must receive the first two prime doses at least six months before the booster shot to have a high level of immunity.

The booster shot can be given three months after the first two shots, but the level of immune system stimulation will be less than the six-month period.

Dr Yong added that a longer period of time between the prime and booster shots means better immunity. But this should not be longer than 24 months, as the recipient may be infected by the virus before being “completely” vaccinated.

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