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Bride and caterer arrested for processing marijuana in the food of wedding guests


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Bride and caterer arrested for processing marijuana in the food of wedding guests

A Florida bride (42) and her caterer (31) have been arrested on suspicion of using marijuana in the food of the wedding guests, who were not aware of this. Several of them became ill as a result and needed medical attention, according to the arrest warrant.

Several news outlets, including WFTV 9, tell wedding guests that they began to feel weird and dizzy during the reception and party. “My heart rate went up. Some thought they were having a heart attack,” says one woman.

One of the thirty to forty guests decided to call 911 and when the police arrived at the party location, several people who had symptoms of drug use were helped. Some felt “stoned, sick and high”, and another reported feeling “weird, tingling and jittery with an extremely dry mouth.” One woman was even said to have become paranoid in the emergency room and required sedatives.

Various foods were taken and the lasagna, among others, was later tested positive for THC, the active ingredient in weed, just like the urine of various wedding guests. When the newlyweds were asked if they had consented to or even requested the marijuana in the food, they were denied. However, one guest told police that she had asked the bride at the party if she had put marijuana in the olive oil. She would then have answered enthusiastically ‘yes’. This was later denied via a text message to another guest.

Both the bride and the caterer turned themselves into the police this week, about two months after the wedding. They are charged with negligence, supplying marijuana and tampering, which is tampering with food and causing injury. They are currently free and will be arraigned in June.

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