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Bunker Boys Golf Report for week commencing Monday December 14th


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Bunker Boys Golf Report

Monday, December 14th

Pattana Resort & Country Club A & B.

1st Jimmy Carr (16) 42 points2nd Michael Brett (16) 33 points3rd Tony Robbins (18) 33 pointsNear pins Bob Innes, Jimmy Carr, Alan Sullivan, & Michael Brett.

Due to heavy overnight rain, the first fairway was sodden so it was decided to play pick, clean, and place, as it turned out the rest of the course was fine so it became unnecessary. The strong wind of recent time had abated so no problem in that regard today. For much of the round, we seemed to be the only people on the course, in the afternoon it started to fill up, one feels there may have been a special rate for late starters.

Enjoying one of those golden days one sometimes has on a golf course Jimmy Carr had a memorable round with forty-two points, streets ahead of everyone else. Second place was decided on countback with Michael Brett edging out Tony Robbins. All the near pins were taken with one each to Jimmy Bob Innes, Alan Sullivan, and Michael Brett.

Curiously Jimmy didn’t have a birdie today despite his spectacular score, he left that to his playing partners, he did, however, win all three sixes so a very good day for him.

Wednesday, December 16th

The Vintage Club, Bangkok

1st Les Cobban (9) 38 points2nd Jimmy Carr (14) 36 points3rd Michael Brett (16) 33 pointsNear pins Les Cobban X 2 & Michael Brett X 2.The midweek game was held at Khao Kheow Country Club on the A & B nines.
This is another course starting to turn golden brown and would benefit from a good shower of rain. A swirling wind, sometimes up to three clubs’ worth in intensity blew all-day and made for low scores. It seems no golf report is complete lately without some mention of the wind. Pattaya is enjoying/enduring a cool windy period of weather lately.After a prolonged period in the wilderness, Michael Brett bounced back into some sort of form today with thirty-five points to take first place. Some distance to second place where Jimmy Carr had thirty-one points with Les Cobban a stroke further back on thirty. Both Les and Mashi who fought out the club championship last week were well below their best. It goes to show the importance of timing, bring your best when it matters most. Three near pins going to Mashi Les, & Michael.

Monday, December 11th

Treasure Hill

1st Geoff Atwell (23) 33 points2nd Dave Ashman (21) 31 points3rd Les Cobban (9) 30 pointsNear pins Geoff Atwell.

A special treat for the Bunker Boys today with a round at the beautiful Vintage Course in Bangkok, one of the more accessible city courses from Pattaya. Opened in 1996 and featuring an English Tudor-style clubhouse the course was in super condition. Fairways were like carpet and the greens excellent for putting, a good speed, and running true. Designed by Arthur Hills every hole offered a different challenge, and at a hard to refuse green/caddie fee of twelve hundred baht was well worth the extra drive, travel time from Pattaya was about one and a half hours. If there is one positive to come out of the COVID 19 pandemic it’s that some courses not normally available to us are now open for visitors at very good rates.

Picking up where he left off on Monday at Pattana Jimmy Carr playing off a new fourteen handicap shot twenty-two points on the front nine before throwing out an anchor on the back to finish on thirty-six in second place thereby not doing any further damage to his handicap. A superb round from Les Cobban of thirty-eight saw him take first place, clearly back to his best again. The most ridiculous round of the day had to go to Michael Brett who opened with a par, followed by three wipes in a row and a one-pointer before collecting himself up to cobble together a score of thirty-three, one more wipe on the back nine. He did however collect two near pins with Les Cobban taking the other two. The general consensus is that while this pricing exists we should make a return visit and also explore other options in the area to add variety to our roster.

Friday, December 18th

Mountain Shadow

1st Les Cobban (9) 35 points2nd Michael Brett (16) 28 points3rd Tony Robbins (18) 27 pointsNear pins Les Cobban X 2.

The last game of the week was played at the Mountain Shadow Course in very windy conditions. Scores were adversely affected with only Les Cobban putting in a decent score, the rest were not worth mentioning. The course was in excellent condition apart from the bunkers which would benefit from some attention. A previous problem at this course was dogs digging holes on the greens, for the time being, they seem to have conquered this issue.

In a rich vein of form lately, Les Cobban took first place with thirty-five points, he also managed to snag two near pins. On a completely different path, Michael Brett took second place with twenty-eight points with yet another round laced with wipes. Tony Robbins took third.

Yet another victim of COVID 19 with Woodys Bar due to close on January tenth so the Bunker Boys will be homeless yet again. It’s becoming a bit tedious every couple of years finding a new residence made all the more difficult by needing space to accommodate lockers, so the search is on again.

Jimmy Carr, a big winner this week

Les Cobban, 2 time winner

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