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Bunker Boys Golf Report For Week Commencing Monday November 23rd


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Bunker Boys Golf Report

Monday, November 23rd


1st Michael Brett (17) 36 points
2nd Tony Robbins (20) 33 points
3rd Tony Plummer (17) 31 points

Near pins Tony Robbins, & Michael Brett X 2.

Despite it being a holiday in lieu of Songkran we still had the course to ourselves for today’s game at Bangpra. The course was in as good condition as we have seen it for some time, however, the greens were very slippery with some pin placements making them well nigh impossible. Any downhill put that didn’t go down ended up a long way from the hole.

The day was hot and humid with overcast skies, the rain luckily managed to stay away, but on the drive back we could see where it had been raining heavily.
In spite of an indifferent day with the putter again Michael Brett managed to cobble together a winning score of thirty-six points, with better putting it could easily have been over forty. Second place went to Tony Robbins three back with Tony Plummer bringing up the rear on thirty-one. Tony Robbins took one near pin and Michael Brett got two.

Wednesday, November 25th

Pattana B & A

1st Tony Robbins (20) 39 points
2nd Jimmy Carr (17) 34 points
3rd Michael Brett (17) 33 points

Near pins Jimmy Carr, Bob Paine, & Michael Brett.

Pattana, the venue for our mid-week game looked a poor choice, as we drove into the grounds the place was completely full with no parking spaces available
anywhere. A conference at the convention center and competition with seventy golfers was being played so parking was at a premium. It looked like a slow day was in store, however, we managed to avoid the big group by starting on the B nine that was not part of their course, and by the time we had finished that the other nine was clear for play so, in fact, we had a very quick uninterrupted round.

The course was in excellent condition however, the greens were a good deal slower than Monday at Bangpra and it took a little time to get used to the difference. The rough was also quite deep and difficult with the ball usually sitting deep and difficult to get out. The wind was up again and with some very long par fours scoring was difficult. Only Tony Robbins managed to master the course and conditions with a first-place score of thirty-nine points. Second, went to Jimmy with thirty-four, and a stroke back Michael Brett took third. Three near pins were taken with one each to Jimmy, Bob Paine, and Michael Brett.

Friday, November 27th


1st Tony Robbins (19) 38 points
2nd Bob Paine (20) 38 points
3rd Jimmy Carr (17) 34 points

Near pins Bob Paine, Kevin LeBar, Myles Knowlson, & Jay Babin.

Since the Emerald course had a change of ownership about a year ago it has undergone much work and is now in as good condition as we can remember. Even the greens, some of which had been lost on our last visit have had a remarkable transformation and are now in top shape again. An all-in fee of one thousand and fifty baht makes it excellent value for money particularly as we are in high season such as it is.

One bone of contention today was the caddies who collectively were amongst the worst we have encountered. Rattling clubs, moving carts, and talking while people were playing shots were amongst their sins, Jimmy had one of the worst anyone has seen and had a profound negative effect on his game.

Two firsts and a second this week for today’s winner Tony Robbins who managed to edge out Bob Paine on countback with thirty-eight points. Despite all the distractions of his caddie Jimmy managed to come third with thirty-four points. All the near pins were taken with one each to Myles Knowlson, Bob Paine, Kevin LeBar, and Jay Babin. A brilliant swinging downhill put on the second par three saw Bob Paine birdie his near pin, whilst Jay missed his birdie put from close range.

Due to all our regular overseas visitors being missing this year the Bunker Boys are holding a scaled-down Annual Club Championship this year at  Pattavia and Greenwood Courses next week. Will the winner come from our current in-form golfers e.g. Tony Robbins, Bob Paine, Dave Ashman, and Les Cobban, or will someone rediscover their best to take the prize?, only time will tell, either way by next week we will have a new club champion.

Two-time winner Tony Robbins

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