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Buriram woman seriously injured by nylon rope hanging over road


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One 28-year-old woman riding her motorcycle was nearly “killed” by a rope hanging over the road and seriously injured. Reports in Thai media say the rope was “mysterious” and it’s unclear exactly where it came from.

The woman said she was driving on the main road in Buriram province around 5 a.m. last Monday when a nylon rope wrapped around her neck. She could no longer breathe and tried to stop as quickly as possible. After removing the rope from her neck, causing the rope to cut into her hands, she immediately drove to her husband, who then took her to the hospital.

The doctor said the muscles in her fingers were nearly severed and the wound on her neck was serious. She also reported the incident to the police, but the rope had disappeared when the police investigated the scene on Khu Mueng – Phutthaisong road.

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