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Cableway in Pattaya – a new transport in the resort town


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The Pattaya city authorities proposed to equip the embankment in the center with a network of ropeways to transport tourists

Instead of the monorail and streetcar in Pattaya, officials propose to solve transportation problems in the area with a system of ropeways.

The Pattaya City Administration held a meeting held by Pattaya Deputy Mayor Manot Nongyai and Pattaya City Public Works Department head Krist Cherdsuriya with representatives of Swiss Advice, according to the Pattaya City Hall Public Relations Service.

Swiss Advice presented its idea to Pattaya – a ropeway system based on BARTHOLET technology, a leading international company from Switzerland that specializes in cable and ropeway systems.

The ropeways can carry thousands of passengers per hour. This technology is best suited to solve Pattaya’s transportation problems, and BARTHOLET intends to develop, implement and maintain it.

The cost of construction is not too high and requires less space than other projects. Construction can also take place at night, which will reduce the impact on current traffic.

The project is worth investing in, and will benefit many users through low-cost fares, although the specific fee and price structure have not yet been presented. One ropeway cabin will be able to carry up to ten passengers at a time and will also be accessible to people with disabilities, Swiss Advice Company officials said.

Three routes are proposed for the ropeways: along Pattaya Beach Street, on Ko Lana and Tappraya Hill. The project and proposal are expected to move forward early next year, after which budgets will be formally presented to the Pattaya City Council and relevant agencies.

Despite this, plans for a monorail or tramway are also still under discussion. However, a cable car, which has long been proposed to climb Tappraya Hill and connect Balihai Pier with the site near the Pattaya City sign, is now seen as a cheaper and easier-to-build alternative.

Reaction to the plan on social media has been rather lukewarm, with many commenters doubting that the project would ever come to fruition in Pattaya.

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