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Calls for a hard lockdown in Thailand are getting louder


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Due to the drastically increasing number of Covid19 infections, the call for a lockdown and night clock is ringing louder than ever, especially as hospital staff have reached their limit.

The Thoracic Society of Thailand urged the government to take drastic measures to restrict people’s freedom of movement. According to Nithiphat Chiarakun, president of this society, the Thai health system, hospitals, hospitals and field hospitals are on the verge of resilience.

“Any attempt to overburden medical personnel will lead to the collapse of the entire public health system.

The government must stop the movement of people as much as possible to isolate infected and at-risk people for treatment and reduce the number of new infections, ”said Dr. Nithiphat.

Benjaporn Tantasuti, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, believes that without law enforcement, many Thais did not want to control their behaviour during the pandemic. The situation deteriorated and it is now necessary to impose a hard lockdown with a curfew to stop the increase in infections. The lockdown can be imposed for a short period to curb the spread of the virus and ease the overloaded health system.

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