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VIDEO – Super fast snake sows panic in car showroom: “She was too fast for us”

A Thai car showroom is in turmoil over an unexpected intruder. A poisonous green reptile – a flying snake – suddenly emerges from the jungle...

VIDEO – Two painters spent cramped hours at a high-rise apartment building in Bangkok after someone cut a rope

Bangkok police have said a woman would be invited to appear in front of the fence in court after the woman cut the rope...

Fighting monkey gangs bring traffic to a halt in Lopburi – Video

Fighting monkey gangs bring traffic to a halt in Lopburi A fierce battle between three groups of monkeys has brought traffic to a halt at...

Wild moment car flies over highway & crash lands but driver survives – Video

Car literally flies onto the highway, end of a chase A motorist who fled after a collision in California literally flew out of the bend. She...

Ferocious crocodile in Nakhon Sawan gagged – Video

Last week residents of Phra Non-sub-district in Nakhon Sawan's Muang district were hesitant to leave their homes after a female crocodile was spotted nearby...

Foreigners who do not wear face masks in Thailand are problem cases, according to the vice-governor of Phuket – Video

The Vice Governor of Phuket has turned the pot upside down by calling what he described "troubled foreigners" who don't wear face masks in...

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