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Children in China are no longer allowed to watch live streams after 10 p.m


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China will ban minors from watching live streams after 10 p.m., Reuters news agency reported. The measure is part of a stricter policy by the Chinese government for the gaming and streaming market.

According to the Chinese radio and television regulator, it should become impossible to watch live streams after 10 p.m. with accounts of children with parental controls enabled. With such accounts, the image should automatically go black after that time.

China wants live streaming platforms to be more strict about how children interact with such platforms. For example, it must be made impossible for children to donate money to streamers without their parents’ approval. Children must also receive permission from their parents to Livestream themselves, the supervisor reports.

China announced a special campaign last month to bring order to the ‘chaos’ of live streams and video services. In this way, the Chinese government wants to ensure that streamers only broadcast appropriate and legal content for children.

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