China warns of retaliation if hit by Russia sanctions fallout

China condemns the sanctions Western countries have imposed on Russia. According to the East Asian country, the measures are “illegal and counterproductive”.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi received his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in China for the first time since the start of the war in Ukraine earlier this week. The two have had talks about the war and have spoken out against, among other things, the sanctions imposed on Russia by the west.

Russia is turning to China for support as it is now becoming increasingly isolated due to sanctions. Lavrov and Yi agreed to strengthen their strategic partnership and to speak with ‘a united voice’ on global issues. The Russian minister also said the two countries are leading the way to a “fairer and more democratic world order.” According to Yi, there is no limit to cooperation between China and Russia and both countries are committed to achieving peace and ensuring security.


Last Tuesday, after a summit meeting, Russia pledged to drastically reduce its military activities around Kiev and Chernihiv. This was announced by the Russian deputy defense minister, Alexander Fomin, after the talks in Istanbul. The decision should boost mutual trust between Russia and Ukraine and lay the groundwork for further negotiations.

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