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Chris Brown shares alleged texts and voice messages from rape accuser


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Chris Brown has shared (audio) messages via Instagram of a woman who has charged him with rape for 20 million. In the messages, you can read and hear that the woman wanted to go to bed with him again.

In late January, it was revealed that a woman had charged Chris Brown with rape on a luxury yacht in Miami Beach. The R&B singer is said to have had a drink with the woman on the yacht. Shortly after consuming the drink, the woman noted that she “suddenly became sleepy” and felt “disoriented”. Chris would then have taken her to a room where the rape would have taken place. The two are said to have dated several times last year, but during their last meeting, Chris Brown was said to have become angry when she did not want to sleep with him.

To prove his innocence, Chris Brown shared messages from the alleged victim last Wednesday. For example, he shared an audio message through his stories in which the woman says that the singer is sending “mixed signals”. “You’ve read my messages but you’re not responding, so I’m assuming you don’t hate me. I just want to see you again. Please pick up your phone. If I have to leave you alone I certainly will, but I just really want to sleep with you again,” it sounds in the audio message. Chris Brown also shared a screenshot of messages allegedly coming from the woman. In it, she says that she misses him and that he is the best bed partner she has ever had.

In addition to sharing the messages on Instagram, Chris Brown also immediately seized the moment to express his dismay at the way he was talked about in the media after the news about the indictment came out. “It’s over with my name dragging. You can now clearly see that [the accusation] is a lie.” The singer also says that he is considering legal action against the woman.

Less than 24 hours after Chris Brown shared the messages, TMZ was able to report that one of the woman’s lawyers, Ariel Mitchell, has distanced himself from the abuse case. Mitchell confirmed to the entertainment website that the messages were from her client and that she was not aware of them.

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