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Claim – Cristiano Ronaldo sentenced to 99 lashes in Iran


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Last month, Cristiano Ronaldo played a football match in Iran because of the Asian Champions League. The footballer decided in advance to visit Iranian Fatemeh Hamami, who is 85 per cent paralyzed and makes art with her feet. Something that earned him a major punishment in the country.

During his visit, Cristiano Ronaldo received one of the portraits that Fatameh had painted with her feet. To express his gratitude to her, he gave her a signed shirt and a hug and kiss on her head. Something that should not be allowed in Iran. Having physical contact with a woman who is not married is labelled as ‘adultery’ in the country. As a result, the footballer risks 99 lashes if he were to go to Iran again.

There have been no official complaints about the situation, but a group of Iranian lawyers are said to have taken up the case. It is unclear whether the sentence will be carried out when Ronaldo enters the country.

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