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CNN: Thai companies supplied millions of inferior medical gloves


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Since the start of the corona pandemic, Thai companies have supplied millions of inferior and used medical gloves to companies in the United States. According to CNN, it’s just “the tip of the iceberg.” The station has conducted ten months of research in the US and Thailand, based on import documents and discussions with US distributors of the gloves.

Last year, the demand for medical gloves increased worldwide. Most of these gloves are produced in Southeast Asia by specialized companies. Due to a lack of raw materials, they could not increase their production quickly enough and dozens of rogue entrepreneurs jumped into the gap, according to CNN. Their companies sold lower quality gloves that are not suitable for medical use and used gloves that have been washed and repackaged.

CNN footage shows stacks of gloves with holes in them, bloodstains on them, or discoloured from washing. Sometimes they were packed in boxes from renowned manufacturers.

According to CNN, the rogue company has sold nearly 200 million pairs of gloves to US companies since 2020.

One of the distributors CNN spoke to warned US government officials in February and March that he had received substandard gloves from Thai company Paddy the Room. Nevertheless, import documents show that this company has supplied millions of gloves to other buyers in the US until the summer.

According to CNN, Paddy the Room has sold nearly 200 million pairs of gloves to US companies since 2020. It is unknown how many of those gloves ended up being delivered to doctors and hospitals. Complaints are also known about other suppliers from Thailand and Vietnam.

Meanwhile, the American and Thai police have started investigations into the practices, according to CNN.

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